“Buy the dip? What dip?” | Weekly Market Commentary | August 7, 2017

“We discuss the lack of pullbacks, what could cause the next one, and how technical analysis could help us decide…..

“The 411 on Q2 GDP” | Weekly Economic Commentary | August 7, 2017

The advance estimate of Q2 GDP on July 28 showed growth at 2.6%...

“Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds: Ongoing Strength” | Bond Market Perspectives | August 1, 2017

"Investment-grade corporate bonds are performing well year to date, beating most fixed-income asset classes."..

“Is Policy Skepticism Creating A Small Cap Opportunity?” | Weekly Market Commentary | July 31, 2017

"We believe small caps are becoming an increasingly attractive tactical opportunity amid policy skepticism in Washington, D.C."..

“August Preview” | Weekly Economic Commentary | July 31, 2017

"August doesn’t have the same number of big events as recent months, but seasonally it is one of the most…..

“Foreign Demand for Treasuries Continues” | Bond Market Perspectives | July 25, 2017

"Yields have moved higher for many developed foreign government bonds, while Treasury yields have moved lower."..

“Central Bank Mania Continues” | Weekly Economic Commentary | July 24, 2017

"The past week has been a busy one for global central banks."..

“Tax Reform Pivot?” | Weekly Market Commentary | July 24, 2017

“Republicans’ latest unsuccessful attempt to reform healthcare means that we are closer to the pivot toward tax reform.”..

“Is the Market Overheating?” Client Letter by Burt White | July 20, 2017

"So have stocks overheated given this long stretch of calm in the market? There are several reasons to suggest conditions…..

Portfolio Compass | July 19, 2017

“Positions maintained (no changes), but updates on LPL Research's views on equity, equity sectors, fixed income, and alternative asset classes.”..