“Putting the North Korean Threat Into Perspective” | Weekly Market Commentary | September 5, 2017

“Investors have become increasingly concerned about the escalating North Korean threats, and understandably so.”..

“Is The Bond Market Expecting a Debt Ceiling Fight?” | Bond Market Perspectives | September 5, 2017

"Raising the debt ceiling is a major item on the agenda as Congress returns from their August recess today."..

“Will Munis Fall With the Leaves?” | Bond Market Perspectives | August 29, 2017

"Many municipal bond participants are wondering if the high prices are poised to drop."..

“Corporate Beige Book: Upbeat as Expected” | Weekly Market Commentary | August 28, 2017

"Based on the Corporate Beige Book Barometer, companies remained generally upbeat during the second quarter earnings season."..

“Recession Watch Update” | Weekly Economic Commentary | August 28, 2017

"We believe the odds of a recession in the next year remain below the historical average, despite potentially increasing volatility."..

Search for Income | Q2 2017

The Search for Income publication is a quarterly guide to our top ideas for income-producing securities and strategies...

“Range-Bound Rates” | Bond Market Perspectives | August 22, 2017

"Interest rates have traded sideways as rate markets search for direction in a complicated market backdrop."..

“Jackson Hole Preview” | Weekly Economic Commentary | August 21, 2017

The next major event for central bank watchers is the Kansas City Fed’s Jackson Hole Symposium this week...

“Taking a Little Risk Off The Table” | Weekly Market Commentary | August 21, 2017

“We think it is a good time to consider taking a little risk off table.”..

Portfolio Compass | August 16, 2017

“Positions maintained (no changes); updates on LPL Research's views on equity, equity sectors, fixed income, and alternative asset classes.”..