“Beige Book: Window on Main Street” | Weekly Economic Commentary | January 22, 2018

"The Beige Book suggests continued moderate economic growth."..

“Bond Market Not Stressing About Higher Yields” | Bond Market Perspectives | January 23, 2018

"Treasury yields have seen a significant increase since early September 2017, but credit markets aren’t showing any signs of stress."..

“Fourth Quarter Earning Season: Off to a Good Start” | Weekly Market Commentary | January 22, 2018

“We expect a solid fourth quarter earnings season and believe a 14–16% year-over-year increase in S&P 500 earnings is achievable.”..

“Global Equity Market Outlook: Favor U.S. and EM” | Weekly Market Commentary | January 16, 2018

“2017 was an excellent year for international equities, particularly EM.”..

“A Global View on Fixed Income” | Bond Market Perspectives | January 16, 2018

"Dollar weakness in 2017 helped propel unhedged foreign developed bonds and U.S. dollar-denominated EMD to strong performance."..

“Global Growth Expected to Continue in 2018” | Weekly Economic Commentary | January 16, 2018

"Global economic growth was stronger than expected in 2017, and we  anticipate moderate acceleration in 2018."..

“Better Growth, New Tax Law Drive Strong Finish to the Year” | Market Insight Quarterly | Fourth Quarter 2017

"Data point to a U.S. economy that has picked up some speed."..

Market Insight Monthly | December 2017

"Economic reports released in December 2017, which mostly reflect economic activity in November, largely exceeded economists’ consensus expectations and suggested…..

“Fixed Income in 2018: Still Under Pressure” | Bond Market Perspectives | January 9, 2018

"We look back at U.S. fixed income performance in 2017, while exploring what themes may persist in 2018."..

“Will a Strong 2017 Carry Over into 2018?” | Weekly Market Commentary | January 8, 2018

“We close the book on a solid 2017 for U.S. stocks while tipping our caps to a strong start to…..