Portfolio Compass | November 15, 2017

“Lowered healthcare sector view from neutral/positive to neutral.”..

Search for Income | Q3 2017

The Search for Income publication is a quarterly guide to our top ideas for income-producing securities and strategies...

“Further Flattening” | Bond Market Perspectives | November 14, 2017

"The yield curve continues to flatten, but remains far from inverting or signaling an impending recession."..

“President Trump’s First Year” | Weekly Market Commentary | November 13, 2017

“Last week marked the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s Election Day victory. This week, we reflect on the past year…..

“Productivity Pickup” | Weekly Economic Commentary | November 13, 2017

"Productivity grew 3% in the third quarter, the best quarter since 2014...

“Tax Reform Timeline” | Weekly Economic Commentary | November 6, 2017

"We believe that Republicans are highly motivated to get tax reform done and that pragmatism will ultimately win the day."..

Market Insight Monthly | October 2017

"Economic reports released in October 2017, which mostly reflect economic activity in September, largely exceeded expectations throughout the month."..

“Saved By the Bell” | Bond Market Perspectives | November 7, 2017

"High-quality fixed income was on pace for another negative month late in October, but global events caused a last minute…..

“MLP Weakness Appears Overdone” | Weekly Market Commentary | November 6, 2017

“We believe that weakness in MLPs may be overdone and the group could be poised for a turnaround.”..

“Trending TIPS” | Bond Market Perspectives | October 31, 2017

"TIPS are a high-quality asset class that can potentially cushion portfolios if inflation continues to increase."..